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Strauss Chains We at Art Group are Strauss Chains manufacturers in Delhi. Strauss Chain is a metal mesh, which is fitted with Machine Cut Chaton beads. The Strauss Chain can be stuck or sewn on a wide range of material. At Art Group you can get Strauss Chain in raw, silver platted or even gold platted, with a wide range of Machine Cut Chaton Beads options. This Strauss Chain can be cut into various organic shapes, which can be used, in a large range of products.
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Cabochon We at Art Group are Cabochon manufacturers in Delhi. Cabochon refers to a bead that has been shaped and polished to create a smooth, convex top with a flat bottom. Because the bottom of Cabochon cut stones are flat, they can be glued into place, rather than "set" into mountings. At Art Group our Cabochon come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, which can be used in a wide range of products.
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Glass beads We at Art Group are Glass beads manufacturers in Delhi. Glass beads are manufactured from lead-free, soda lime-type glass, containing no free silica that is made into preformed ball shapes. Chemically inert and environmentally friendly, glass beads are an acceptable method of metal cleaning or surface finishing when properly controlled. Glass beads are very widely used in the impact treatment of surface. Their spherical shape and chemical nature endow them with a variety of properties that no other surface treatment agent has, combined. They are shaped like perfect spheres with a smooth, shining surface. They are available in successive granulometric range of 1 to 1000 microns. During projection, each microbead act like a small hammer on the surface of the part to be treated.
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Crystal Stone We at Art Group are Crystal Stone manufacturers in Delhi. Backed with experience, we manufacture and export large variety of Crystal Stone. These pyramids are produced from crystal quartz and are 70 to 80 % Clean and hand polished. All these stones find application during distant healing, Reiki and meditation. These are used to draw negative energy from the Chakras. The base helps in grounding and the positive energies are emitted upwards through the point which neutralizes negative force. It draws saintly power through the point and grounds it at the base. Features: Elegant Traditional look Quality polish.
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Machine cut beads We at Art Group are Machine cut beads manufacturers in Delhi. We are popular in the industry for offering a top-of-the-line range of Machine Cut Beads. Representing the top category of glass beads, these are manufactured firstly in the machine cutting the bead and then machine polishing these. This helps the production of these beads similar to that of Rhinestones. The facets of these beads are well defined and have a crisp edge owing to the mentioned manufacturing process. Our beads are also known as Crystal Beads. Moreover, these beads are used for embellishing trendy accessories and apparel decorations.